Thursday, March 23, 2017

Drug of Choice: The Inspiring True Story Of The One-Armed Criminal Who Mastered Love And Made Millions

If a millionaire told you that he found success after being hit by a train, going to prison, dealing drugs and forgetting friends… would you follow his footsteps?

Mark is a successful affiliate marketer with several businesses boasting millions of dollars in profit. He has created a fulfilling life, which he shares with his beautiful fiancĂ© and a world-wide circle of friends. But his inspiring life of today grew out of a dark and dangerous past.

In this gripping tale, van Stratum brings a once-in-a-lifetime read of his experience growing up with one arm in a small town where he developed a savage temper and a criminal mindset. After a violent robbery by rival drug dealers he had a flash of insight that his life must change, or it would quickly end.

After moving to a new country without telling a soul, Mark penetrates the secret world of pick-up artists and learns an incredible skill set that enables him to get the most desired women on the planet. In Drug of Choice, Mark offers insightful lessons about the power of choices to change your business, relationships, and life.

Drug of Choice: The Inspiring True Story of the One-Armed Criminal Who Mastered Love and Made Millions will make you believe again that it is never too late to change.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Real Passion Revolution: 10 Secret Ingredients for Healed, Healthy, Happy Relationships

Real Passion Revolution is designed for men and women who are frustrated, disappointed and struggling in their romantic relationships.
This book is also invaluable for single persons or new lovers who want to avoid the most common destructive mistakes nearly all couples make - ultimately leading to a failed or unhealthy relationship. This book offers hope and healing for all wounded lovers.
Real Passion Revolution offers the same tools that my lover, Joe, and I use every day to support a Loving, peaceful, safe, authentic, passionate relationship.
When applied, these principles will have a significant impact to better your life for a healthier, happier you!
Your mission today, should you choose to accept it is to:

  • Transform your life by learning highly unique and effective tools to bring a deep sense of peace, happiness, and passion back into your romantic relationships.

  • Identify and eliminate the hidden fears that govern and derail both your life and your romantic relationship.

  • Heal your inner wounds that cause you and your partner so much conflict and suffering.

  • Learn to be completely authentic and vulnerable in all of your relationships without the fear of judgments or rejection.

  • Become aware of, and avoid, the common, destructive mistakes most couples make in their romantic relationships.

  • Implement the revolutionary, supportive, and empowering Transformation Tips I teach to create the fun, passionate, happily-ever-after relationship you long for.

I promise you this: if you do the work I’m presenting here, your relationships will change radically. Even better than that, My Friend, you will be transformed dramatically - you will be happy, peaceful, and content. You will be healed and on your way to experiencing the relationship you have been longing for.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Duty and Honor: A Sweet Mail Order Bride Romance (A Kansas Mail Order Bride Story Book 14)

Camille isn't sure what to do, but she knows her options are limited. Her young daughter needs a stable life and the only way she can think of to give that to her is to move back to Boston. To her sister and her mother. The people and the place she left to marry her dream man. The man who left her and their daughter for another woman.

She was embarrassed to go home, but she had to. She'd need help to raise her daughter and she needed a safe place to figure out what she should do next. Little did she know, her sister had a plan of her own to leave Boston behind and start a new life. Josephine was about to become a mail order bride and Camille and Eleanor would have to go with her to Kansas.

Noah Easton was a tall, handsome man who hadn't been able to find a suitable wife in Wichita. Part of the reason for that was the secret he carried. A secret that haunted him and made him sad all at the same time. He wanted a woman who would look past his flaw, but wasn't sure that would ever happen. His brother never missed an opportunity to remind him of how he fell short as a man.

Would Josephine be the woman for him? Or would God have another plan for his life? Would Matthew stop interfering and decide what would make his own life fulfilling? How will Camille fit in as a mother and a woman still married to a man who didn't want her?

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