Friday, January 6, 2017

Duty and Honor: A Sweet Mail Order Bride Romance (A Kansas Mail Order Bride Story Book 14)

Camille isn't sure what to do, but she knows her options are limited. Her young daughter needs a stable life and the only way she can think of to give that to her is to move back to Boston. To her sister and her mother. The people and the place she left to marry her dream man. The man who left her and their daughter for another woman.

She was embarrassed to go home, but she had to. She'd need help to raise her daughter and she needed a safe place to figure out what she should do next. Little did she know, her sister had a plan of her own to leave Boston behind and start a new life. Josephine was about to become a mail order bride and Camille and Eleanor would have to go with her to Kansas.

Noah Easton was a tall, handsome man who hadn't been able to find a suitable wife in Wichita. Part of the reason for that was the secret he carried. A secret that haunted him and made him sad all at the same time. He wanted a woman who would look past his flaw, but wasn't sure that would ever happen. His brother never missed an opportunity to remind him of how he fell short as a man.

Would Josephine be the woman for him? Or would God have another plan for his life? Would Matthew stop interfering and decide what would make his own life fulfilling? How will Camille fit in as a mother and a woman still married to a man who didn't want her?

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Star and the Stellae (The Stellae Series Book 1)

Love, life, and the lifeless death. A spherical city floats in space, inhabited by humans of unknown origins. Those who oppose the power structure are sent through the floor into the vacuum of space to meet the lifeless death. Diana and Vesta are lovers who share everything, until Vesta's involvement with the resistance shatters their relationship. Diana meets a biohacker fugitive named Janus who is developing a virus that will murder the Stellae, a cluster of human souls, which shine like stars and order the oppression of the living. Diana must decide whether love is worth dying for, and if it is, can there be a death worth living?

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