Friday, November 11, 2016

Wounded By Christianity: Healed By God

Do you know what it means to be clairvoyant? It’s when you can see things before they happen. What 
about Necromancy. That’s when you can talk to those who’ve crossed over to the other side, people call
it death. Or what about being an empath. That’s someone who can feel other people’s emotions and feelings. Incredible right. That’s what she thought. Meet Neteira. She’s the person I just described. 

She thought it was great helping people hear god’s voice. Telling them don’t go there because god said
it’s a trap or go here instead because this will work better for you. She’d tell them things they already
knew inside but just ignored. She saw families heal because she was able to deliver a message from 
loves ones who crossed over. 

She told her community about the amazing things that were happening to her. Like her abilities to talk 
with angels or her seeing things before they happened. But they didn’t find it so amazing. Her friends
labeled her crazy. Her family told her to keep it to herself. Her church, well they damned her to hell. 
Talking to the dead was a sin. This is the work of the devil they told her. You’ve never studied under 
a pastor before, so how could you have the gift of prophecy. 

Christianity demonized her gifts which ultimately demonized her. She tried to turn it off but she 
couldn’t. She felt unfixable. She was devastated. She’ll never forget the day she asked god why. Why would you make me this way she said? Why do you hate me? Read and discover the amazing journey of how GOD took Neteira from religion to 
relationship. It’s a story about a beautiful spirit trying to find her way. She shares with the reader some
of the conversations she had with god. Neteira was wounded by Christianity but healed by god.

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