Monday, November 21, 2016

President Trump The First and Last 100 Days: A History

PRELIMINARY REPORT: In the year 2365, ElonAI of New Musk City, Mars, and JeffAI of New Bezos Prime, L5, joined forces after their long rivalry over who had the biggest rocket to support a special advanced research project by the departments of History and Temporal Physics at Zuckerberg University on Europa Colony. After 10 years of really hard work requiring copious quantities of free range, artisinally harvested tachyons, the result is that humanity was able to peer back to 2017 and discover what really happened during President Donald J. Trump's first 100 days (which were also, as all of the Human Disapora know, the last 100 days). This preliminary report describes the fate of Old Earth, and the lasting legacy of Mr. Trump. About 5000 words. Funded by ElonAI, JeffAI, and ZuckAI.

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