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Resurrection: Death and Taxes Certain or Uncertain; CPA’s Chilling Book Exposes IRS’s Immense, Unscrupulous & Ungodly Authority.

Written from the life and experiences of Rev. Robert W. Douglas, CPA, ‘Resurrection: Death and Taxes Certain or Uncertain’ fuses morals, faith and raw illegality to tell the story of the author’s home being ripped away by the IRS without a formal hearing and no jury. The author spent his life as an accountant and an ordained Minister; he’s a man of bold moral and unwavering faith – perfect prey for the power of those hell-bent on abusing at the peril of others. For the first time, Rev. Douglas is taking his story public, from his death and resurrection to his eventual forgiveness. It’s powerful stuff to say the very least.

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San Antonio, Texas – After living in a house for nineteen years, most people have amassed a huge array of memories, emotions and love for the place they call home. For Rev. Robert W. Douglas, CPA, his nineteenth year was marked by an even more profound event – having his home ripped away, without a formal court hearing and failing to provide a jury trial.
It was a life-changing kick in the teeth for a man who had not only spent his professional years helping others stay honest to the IRS as a CPA, but spent his later life as a passionate servant of God. This experience resulted in the author’s figurative death.
In ‘Resurrection: Death and Taxes Certain or Uncertain’, Rev. Douglas shares his entire, uninhibited story. It’s a stark warning of the U.S. Government’s willingness to abuse its power and destroy the lives of others, offering no recourse for their plight.
This is a true story about Robert W. Douglas, taxes and death. The polity of both taxes and death tend to consume thoughts driven by certain seasons and events, such as April 15th and Resurrection Day (Easter). To think about taxes and death is one thing, but to experience death and the unbridled authority of the Internal Revenue Service officials is death in another form. To rise from the ashes and the results of unconstitutional tax enforcement, however is a portrayal of the Son of God.  My life’s journey over the years allowed me to acquire two professional licenses: one as a certified public accountant and the other as an ordained minister.  Over the years there have been a substantial number of interactions with the Internal Revenue Service on a personal as well as professional level. I have represented people with satisfactory results and it seems there was always a measure of success in my relationship with the IRS. After college, I began seeking opportunities to enter the tax preparation and bookkeeping business. Once there for years I successfully managed RWD, CPA.  Upon Ordination I sold my practice to devote full attention to ministry.  It was during those years that I began to question the authority of IRS, that is not to say that similar questions were not present in the past.  I pursued some of the evidence which led to court battles, judgements and the loss of my home. It also led to Resurrection and forgiveness, and words of encouragement for the perpetrators.  
“The IRS not only violated the Constitution, but violated God’s law,” explains the author. “This resulted in my death, resurrection and eventual forgiveness. I want others to be aware of people and organizations who will willingly abuse their power and mask it up as “following the law”.”
Continuing, “I’m an extremely well-trained and experienced accountant and religious professional; so I’m not the typical candidate for the IRS to walk all over. Still, “it” happened to me and my home of nineteen years was ripped away, backing me into a corner where I was totally powerless and without any kind of recourse. The public needs to know what happened, because they could easily be next.”
With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.
‘Resurrection: Death and Taxes Certain or Uncertain’, from Robert W. Douglas Ministries, is available now:

About the Author:
Robert W. Douglas grew up in the inner city of San Antonio, Texas. He is a product of San Antonio public schools. Robert was raised by two loving parents with two sisters in a Christian home. He earned three degrees a Bachelor and Master in Business and a Master in Theology. Robert was sworn in as a Texas Certified Public Accountant on October 27, 1982, ordained a Deacon in the United Methodist Church on June 6, 1997 and ordained an Elder in the United Methodist Church on June 30, 2002. As the owner of RWD, CPA an SBA 8 (a) Contractor, Robert contracted with the Small Business Administration to provide business consulting services and training seminars from October 1989 through September 1995. RWD, CPA was the joint venture partner on several large audit projects to include City Public Service Board of San Antonio, Texas, The County of Bexar and VIA Metropolitan Transit of San Antonio, Texas. RWD, CPA operated a successful tax practice with a client list consisting of non-profits, individuals, corporations and partnerships. Robert’s first appointment as pastor in charge was to Bethel UMC where, under his leadership the church acquired 75 acres of land and leased 16 acres throughout perpetuity to an apartment complex developer that built a 20 Million dollar apartment complex. Robert was engaged by the Southwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church as the Fraud Avoidance Consultant for several years.  Robert volunteered his expertise as the team administrator/coach for a boys youth basketball team that during July 1997 won the 15 and Under AAU National Classic Championship in Kingsport, Tennessee. 

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