Monday, May 30, 2016

Heal Emotional Pain: My Twenty Years of Struggle and Journey to Recovery

This is my story. I have had clinical depression, I have been suicidal, I have suffered from loneliness, I have suffered from guilt and shame. I have had a general low quality of life as a result of illness spanning years. I have also gone through some of the worst forms of rejection based on change of religion. 
In short, I have suffered emotional pain. I know am not alone, nor do I think I have suffered the most. I do not wish you to feel so either. But that’s the thing about emotional pain; it tends to make us get the sense that we are alone. 
In this short book, I am sharing my journey through emotional pain, albeit briefly. I share most of what caused it, how it made me feel, how it affected my life and health, what I did about it, how I went about trying to heal and what eventually worked for me. 
My hope is that you will benefit from it.

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