Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who Did You Upset?: Dirty Money Series Book One

How much can one man take?
With his strip-club consumed by flames, long-term relationship in tatters and group of Underworld heavies seeking revenge, Max is a man struggling just to survive.
The story begins in sun and alcohol soaked Costa del Sol, where Max has made and lost a fortune in real-estate. With his girlfriend of ten years, Rachel, life is now a monotonous drudge of apartment management and tumblers of Barcardi and Coke; The Pussycat Lounge, run by his brother and stripper, Crystal, and a plot of land in Brazil are the only investments left.
A drug-fuelled party awakens his need for excitement and Max is soon exploring the unspoken side of Costa del Sol life. He meets Jochem, a laidback Dutchman with a penchant for hashish cakes and Bill, a lonely older man seemingly without a history. Then there’s heavily tattooed Irish Jack with his import/export business and ‘office’ at the back of a bar.  But like everything in the Costa del Sol, not everything – nor everyone – is all that it seems. So, when Bill invites him on a ‘boys only’ sailing trip to Morocco, little does Max know he’ll soon be ensnared into the very heart of the Costa del Sol Underworld.
Sinister events and an erotic one night stand soon shatter his glamourous new life sending him on a harrowing escape through the Spanish countryside to England. 
Returning to the UK and his burned-out strip-club, Max must do everything he can to salvage what’s left. But time is running out. With a bag of uncut diamonds and other ‘contraband’, he knows he must focus or he’ll lose everything… even his life.
Neil Andrews' debut novel, Who Did You Upset?, is a fast-paced thrilling exotic adventure gripping you from the first page. Erotically charged with uniquely drawn characters, you’ll be drawn into Max’s troubled world and cheering for him to beat the odds, get the girl and resurrect his life.
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