Friday, August 7, 2015

The Lotus: Realization of Oneness

In I AM – The Key to Manifesting, Vivian inspired many to align themselves with their “I AM” as a means of manifesting through the I AM.. In The Lotus – Realization of Oneness, Vivian takes the reader beyond the I AM into the spiritual realm of Bliss and into the ultimate goal of every seeker: Oneness. Vivian shares in this book the way out of illusion and duality and outlines the temptations we may encounter on our journey, but must resist before the realization of Oneness can take place.
Vivian shares a spiritual path that is inclusive rather than exclusive, a surrendering rather than an acquiring to return to our essential nature of Oneness and wholeness. Vivian describes the cause the suffering, the three temptations that create the experience of loss, anger, and fear and the way out of suffering by surrendering the mind, the heart, and the soul.
This book is a profound spiritual guide for those seeking Oneness with the divine, as a means of ending suffering in our life and in the world.


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