Sunday, May 10, 2015

Kismet: Nesselorette The Beginning (Kismet~Nesselorette The Beginning Book 2)

Kismet lived a life of poverty, and as a result of her family’s living condition, their mother died. Her sister, Armabetu had ruined their chances to escape poverty by her selfish act of not remaining celibate until her marriage to Leroux DeBroglie, the Prince of Luxembourg. Prince Leroux was banned from his country but before he left, he and Armabetu stole a vast amount from the royal treasure that almost toppled Luxembourg financially. They hid the treasure and vowed not to tell anyone of where they hid the vast wealth.

Kismet’s secret life of practicing the black arts enabled her to cast a spell on her sister for ruining their chances to live in royalty. The spell she cast would kill any female child born from her sister’s lineage. However the one known as the “Healer” imbedded a map from Armabetu’s thoughts of the stolen treasure into the royal crest, and burned the image of the crest on the right hairline of Armabetu’s head. The royal crest birthmark would protect all females born from Armabetu’s lineage. But only the first born female child would bear the map of the hidden DeBroglie treasure stolen by Leroux and Armabetu in the royal crest birthmark. Kismet had been waiting ninety years for the first female to be born from her sister’s linage.

Nesselorette is the first female child born of the De Broglie family’s linage that carried the royal crest birthmark. Nesselorette was told an old book was found stuffed under the padding of the basket that she was found in as a baby. Kismet disguised as an old woman left the basket on the curb of the Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital in New York City one dreary wintery night. Neither Nesselorette nor others were able to interpret the book written in a strange language. When the book finally was interpreted, it revealed Nesselorette’s true royal identity.


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