Saturday, March 21, 2015

The A.R.T of Motivation: Success in Life by Rediscovering Your Core Design

5-Star-rated book by Consecutive Amazon Top100, Hall of Fame, Vine Voice Reviewer: Turn on Your Dream machine!!!
In "The A.R.T of Motivation", Ubong Ekpo presents a methodology and tools to help you get beyond mere seasonal motivations to the inexhaustible reservoir of motivation within your own core design.
Exploring three vital principles: Adventure into Self, Rediscovery and Traveling the Road to your Life Goals, this book is full of exercises to tackle questions like:
"How do I know which of all the things I am motivated about on my list of goals to focus on right now?"
"I've tried so many things and I was excited about this job, two years ago. I seem to to have lost motivation again. Why do I hate it so much right now?"
"How do I get started discovering my life goals?"

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