Sunday, March 22, 2015

Low Carb Diet Box Set: Weight Loss Edition: Low Carb Recipes Fruit Infused Water Recipes Plus Lose Weight Fast

Who Else Wants To Lose Weight With Low Carb Dieting?
Receive a massive price break when you buy all 4 of these low carb and weight loss books together. Inside this set you will find these bestselling books for an insanely low price:
Low Carb Diet Demystified: How To Successfully Follow A Low Carb Lifestyle For Rapid Weight Loss
Low Carb Diet Cookbook: 50 Low Carb Recipes For Living And Loving A Low Carb Lifestyle 
Fruit Infused Water: 70 Vitamin Water Recipes To Finally Cure Tasteless H2O
Lose Weight Fast: Your 17 Steps To Crushing Any Weight Loss Goal
Are You Tired Of Struggling With Weight Loss?
Your diet means everything when it comes to weight loss and a low carb diet is one of the best. Even with rigorous exercise you might not see the weight loss results you want. By embracing a low carb lifestyle, you ensure you are feeding your body what it needs.
Here is a quick breakdown of what you will discover inside each book:
Low Carb Demystified
If you are a beginner to low carb dieting it can all seem pretty intimidating. The numbers can get confusing and you end up being scared to eat anything. Inside you will find out how simple a low carb diet can be and the pitfalls to watch out for.
While some people are going to tell you to be very strict, the reality is every body reacts differently to carbs. The amount that works for me may not work for you even though we are the same weight. The types of carbohydrates you eat are also as important as the amount. This book will take the guesswork out of it all for you.
Low Carb Recipes
Recipes, recipes and more recipes. You need them. Variety is one thing that can make or break your diet. If you try to eat the same thing every day, it will work for a while but eventually boredom will set in. That is when white bread, pop and that drive thru starts to look real good.
With these 50 recipes combined with the 25 from the Low Carb Demystified book, you have enough recipes to ensure you never get bored. Experiment with your taste buds because your tastes will change as you eliminate the junky carbs and start eating healthy again.
Fruit Infused Weight Loss
Have you ever tried fruit infused water? If not, you are missing out on a serious weight loss secret. Fruit infused water tastes great, but it can also reduce cravings which is the reason you want a jug of it in your refrigerator at all times.
With over 70 recipes, you are sure to find a combination that suits your tastes. You will never miss pop again once you start using fruit infused water. There are even water bottles specifically designed for fruit infused water so you can enjoy them even during your workouts or at the office.
Lose Weight Fast
Inside you will find the 17 steps you need to take in order to have a chance at weight loss success. Darrin has successfully lost 45 pounds in 12 weeks using these steps and recommends them to anyone looking to increase the speed of their weight loss.
The tips will seem like common sense when you read them, but very few apply them. Not you though because you are committed to succeed and will do whatever it takes.
Don’t Wait!
You have in your hands everything you need to succeed with low carb dieting.

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