Monday, March 30, 2015

Inside-Out: The Practice of Resilience

Inside-Out is written to counter fear. By enquiring deeply into who you are and how you operate, you can discover much better ways to live and be. This is the practice of resilience – learning to be calm, energized, engaged, focused and in flow.  We can all learn to be more resilient.
Each of the practices described are soundly based on evidence and deliver results. Some steps such as sorting out sleep, nutrition and exercise are easier to understand and harder to perfect. Other steps such as coherence, positivity and meditation will be more complex to understand, yet can be surprisingly rewarding to initiate.
Inside-Out shows you:
• 1. How to bounce in adversity
• 2. How to stay calm and courageous
• 3. How to cultivate your body, emotions, mind and spirit
• 4. How to connect with others, work and play

So throw away the pills and creams. Join me on this journey of discovery and creative expression.  Let your inside-out.
Dr Sven Hansen is the founder of The Resilience Institute. He is a medical practitioner with a background in special forces and sports medicine, and since gaining an MBA in 1993 has focused on applying the science of Resilience to business. Sven has trained thousands of professionals in the field and is leading the institute’s international development. A keen outdoor sportsman, he lives in Auckland with his wife and two children.

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