Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality

Are you ready for an adventure? Whether you are a new seeker or well on your spiritual path, pick up my book as a guide for your spiritual development. A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality explores the emerging spirituality of our time. Both the theoretical and the practical are covered, and there are lots of diagrams to help you to understand the content.
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An Authentic Spirituality for today Within the pages of A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality Dr Reinhart shares a Model for Understanding and Developing Spirituality Praxis (theory and practice combined) while enveloping the personal and social aspects. There is also a basic Model of Inclusivity referring to the Dominant paradigm of oppression and the need for a paradigm shift and new world view. It is not about Religion or Theology but about the Spirit, which no faith has ownership of, and includes perspectives on relationships, context for practice, language, religion/theology, transformation and quantum physics - See more at:

Carolyn Reinhart MA, DProf, LPRS
Doctor of Professional Studies (developing a spirituality praxis within a multidisciplinary organization)

Photo credit: Bonnie Harrison
I graduated as an RN (1962) and worked in that field until I moved to the UK (1974). I completed an MA in Christian Spirituality from Heythrop College, University of London  (1999) and then a Doctorate in Professional Studies with The National Centre for Work Based Learning, Middlesex University, UK. "Developing a Spirituality Praxis in a Multidisciplinary Organization"

After living in the UK for 33 years, helping to found and develop two Charities, I returned to Canada in 2005 and am enjoying the Arts and Environmental aspects of  Muskoka.

A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality, is the fruit of years of formal study in the field of spirituality and is combined with 70 years of life experience
- See more at:

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