Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Long Return Home

What a lot of meetings there are in our life! Experiences, people, ways of doing. A group of friends on holiday; here Laurence will meet his future wife, Frances, a determined ,career and well-to-do girl, that debates her life with herself; perhaps an ordinary life, with ups and downs, some vicissitudes and an unconsumed betrayal. She loses her certainties for a man, for an overpowering love. A family, two daughter who help to understand the meaning of life. Two lively and sweet children who with their behaviours and their questions express innocence and desire to know. The balance of this life, this story, will be upset, everything will be mixed in a past present and the future, that dream, will be realized. Everything will have a new unforeseen meaning. Only at the end everything will make sense, and will start.

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