Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pirates of Bollywood: A Tale of Piracy and Conspiracy (Legal Thriller Book 2)

A Tale of Piracy and Conspiracy

Helen Joseph, a young, dynamic police officer of the Anti-Terrorist Squad, is facing the deadliest crime of her career. Pitted against vile criminals who don’t hesitate to kill for very little, she investigates a case of film Piracy so murky, so evil that her life is in fast and frenetic danger.

With the help of Arjun Mamidi, a brilliant young lawyer from Hyderabad, Helen attempts to get to the bottom of the piracy racket, even though many lives are lost on the way. Set in Mumbai and Hyderabad, “Pirates of Bollywood” is an action packed novel exposing the cruel world of copyright piracy and all those who are dragged into its hellish depths. Be prepared to be surprised at each unexpected turn.


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