Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How To Build A Lifetime Of Passive Income With Kindle eBooks

Have You Always Wanted To Create An Additional Source Of Income Without Having To Work Your Pants Off For It?

Would You Like To Learn How To Build An Additional Stream Of Income To Help Pay Your Bills or Pay Off Your Loans Faster?

You Can Now Learn How To Build A Lifetime Of Passive Income For The Cost Of Only A Cup Of Coffee.

With this book, you can:

- Build a lifetime of passive income with just 1 hour a day.

- Have spare cash every month to save up or to pay off your loans faster.

- Create an additional source of income and still being able to spend quality time with your family.

- Realize your dream of building your own profitable side business with the potential to become a full fledge business without quitting your day job or quitting college.

In How to Build a Lifetime of Passive Income with Kindle eBooks, you will learn:

- The Four Cornerstones of Your Passive Income

- How To Search For Profitable Topics To Write.

- How Get Your Bestseller Created Even If You Barely Passed Your English Exams.

- How to Market and Promote Your Bestseller and Hit the No.1 Spot on the Bestseller Chart.

- 15 tips that you can immediately use to avoid making the mistakes many authors are making.


Together with this book, I’ll also be giving away a 27 page PDF Jumpstart Kit titled How To Build a Lifetime of Passive Income with Kindle eBooks: Jumpstart Kit to help you jumpstart your publishing business.

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