Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flying Free: Life Lessons Learned On the Flying Trapeze

Life lessons come at you fast when you’re thirty feet in the air, attempting a flying trapeze trick. Initially an exercise in facing her own fear of heights, Lynn Braz courageously climbed up to a high platform, grabbed a bar and found the wisdom she passes on to you, the reader, in Flying Free: Life Lessons Learned On The Flying Trapeze. You will learn how to:
* Let go of the five character traits that sabotage your life: perfectionism, self-doubt, isolation, vagueness, and black and white thinking.
* Transform failures into successes.
*Use simple techniques to achieve calmness and confidence.
*Build fulfilling relationships and communities.
*Flying Free is not just about flying trapeze, or even sports. It is about using any life endeavor—from exciting and adventurous, to inevitable and mundane—to illuminate the sources of resistance within, and allow the transformation into wisdom, action, and achievement. Flying Free shows you how to take on new challenges now; to let the experience of overcoming fear and resistance teach you about yourself, rather than waiting for the day when you feel sufficiently analyzed, therapized, and enlightened. Flying Free is about setting yourself free not in some vague future, but right now.  A great read you will thrill along with Lynn in her daring adventure on a flying trapeze.

Lynn Braz writes Life Advice, a newsletter about holistic wellness distributed by MetLife. Her writing credits include The Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia magazine, SFGate.com, and many others

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