Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Working Opportunity: Opportunity Answer, But Seldom Knocks
Opportunity Knocks. The message: Slip into a cozy place and prepare to start working your opportunities into successes. The author describes Working Opportunity as a method designed for seeking opportunity to utilize in the pursuit of an objective. The act of finding ways to advance in ones career or personal life and using those found to obtain what one wants or needs. But, that isn't all this Disruptive Entrepreneur and author offers anyone willing to turn the pages of Working Opportunity. Inside you'll find a powerful blueprint for success and happiness in business and life. Mr. Blanchard made a career out of opportunistic situations and now he's sharing his knowledge and experience with anyone willing to listen. He shows the reader how we are surrounded by opportunities we don't even know exist. Whether you are looking for greater success in your professional career or your personal life, now you can find it with the road-map provided to you. Soon you will be learning about the journey Jill, the middle-aged owner of a failing marketing firm, takes as she learns to succeed in a business she thought was lost. Jesse James, the guru of opportunity, teaches Jill how to overcome her weaknesses and once again take charge of her own success. Join in as she learns the ins and outs of working opportunity just in time to save her business. Don't hesitate, grab a copy right now so you don't miss the opportunities tomorrow that you might have missed today.

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