Thursday, December 4, 2014

Working After Retirement
Need more income after retirement? But what to do? And how to start? And what about age discrimination? In ‘Working After Retirement’ you will learn about 69+ jobs and types of work that require virtually no retraining. Most of the work is based on hobbies and work skills you have already! And every job you will read about is already providing income right now for a real retiree!

These are not fantasy jobs but real work done by retirees with varying backgrounds, educations and experiences. They range from corporate consulting to selling handcrafts to working as a campground host to making a tidy sum by driving a car.

Written by author and financial writer Carol Lightwood, herself retired and still working, this is a concise guide to actual jobs and self-employment truly suitable for retirees. It includes detailed information about resources and ‘how-to’ instructions to enable a retiree to start earning additional income quickly.

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