Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Who is Jesus: Meet the Incarnation of Wisdom

Meet the Incarnation of Wisdom

The wisdom literature of the Hebrews encouraged people to enjoy life, including feasting, friendship, and pleasure. What was Jesus connection to the teachers of wisdom? Answering this question will go a long way toward telling us: Who is Jesus.

Jesus embraced this approach to living. The wisdom of Jesus entreats us to take pleasure in our days. This is one command most people won’t have a problem following, but this is not all there is to Jesus’ wisdom.

Wisdom is also about making right the wrongs. Jesus spoke repeatedly of the least being the greatest, the last being the first, and the lost being saved. Jesus invites people, you and me, to follow him in his upheaval of the fallen and foolish ways of the world. In other words, he invites people to join him in overturning this world of chaos.

And for any one who joins him, he promises fullness of life. He gives joy and rest, purpose and prosperity, pleasure and peace—a metaphorical silver and gold.

You can live heartily and overturn the chaos of this world.

I’m telling you, this Jesus of wisdom is one person you’re going to want to meet. Get this book and meet the incarnation of wisdom


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