Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Somali Deception Episode I

From the author of The Cathari Treasure - Kindle's #1 International Men's Adventure!
The Somali Deception
Episode I of IV

Featuring Former Super L├ęgionnaire Cameron Kincaid

* * * * *
When Cameron Kincaid is asked to rescue a former lover from aboard a hijacked yacht he discovers that the true Somali Pirates live in the London luxury suites of The May Fair Hotel, wear tailored Savile Row suits, and deal high stakes in the lounges of Paris, Ibiza, and Dubai. From explosive incursions to clandestine infiltrations, the action is nonstop and the deceptions are many.
* * * * *

THE SOMALI DECEPTION is an adventure thriller that features the Somali Pirates and the Rex Mundi, two groups from the pages of history and mystery now gaining global popularity.

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