Friday, December 26, 2014

Strive To Be Happy: Powerful Tools On How To

– Twelve Powerful Secrets on how to,” generated lots of interest and also requests to write for other blogs. Here is the link to it: (
Tools in the blog included simple tools such as using vowels sounds (for example, singing the song from The Sound of Music loaded with vowel sounds: "Doe, a deer a female deer; ray, a drop of golden sun; me, a name I call myself; far, a long, long way to run; sew, a needle pulling thread; la.... “over and over when feeling down will lift you up. Emphasize the vowel sounds by resonating them drown out and properly. Other tools like resonating your name, using silence, listening, listening to nature and using colors, have dramatically brought joy to many!

Joy is needed to create; it is needed to desire to work on your goals, dreams and aspirations. These tools here discussed will move the dial for you in the direction of happiness; if you use them. So do; as your happiness propagates to the world around you to us all. Your creativity is needed in this puzzle of life just as mine is needed so we weave beauty!

Due to the amount of interest in this blog, I decided to give you more tips on how to juice up your life in a little book format. In my book “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships,” the queen Maya Sophia encouraged Mariyah and her friends to be happy by examining themselves; the light and juice is within. In response to some of the characters in the book’s complaints, she would coach them and for example she would say:
“Some of these things I tell you might not make sense but I am leaving soon and I have to tell you these things so you can improve your life and that of the lives of the generation to come. Listen, even if it does not make sense now. Be like the goat, which eats lots of grass in the daytime or in good weather then at night regurgitates and chews on it well. Meditate on these things I tell you with an open mind later and ask for Light to be poured on it for illumination.”
I tried to keep these tips succinct; use them as a point of departure to the larger world the concept brings to light.

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