Thursday, December 4, 2014

Scepter (The Last Scribe Prequels Book 2)
According to actual documents hidden in the Apocrypha, an ancient race of supernatural beings known as Irin roam the Earth. Impervious to aging, illness or mortal injury, they wage a continuous war against those who once threatened the survival of mankind by corrupting the natural order. While ever present, they prefer to remain unseen in order to freely move among us. Those who are seen are easily overlooked and immediately forgotten. Walk down any street in the world and you will pass at least one Irin. Depending on the threat or situation, sometimes many.

When the prophesied last descendant of Enoch is born lifeless, the immortal Irin Scepter tasked with ensuring her survival takes matters into his own hands. Breathing his own life into her, they not only share a heartbeat, but her existence is now linked to his.

When the war to control this girl who will one day write the future into existence forces him to confront betrayal by those he most trusted, he must choose between his duty as the leader of his people or the ultimate destruction of her world.

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