Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Penalty Earth
Katar the Original, emperor of the Galactic Government had made the entire galaxy crime free. No crime, no punishment, except for one - Penalty. A punishment so horrible it would deter all crime

But after eons of decay and corruption most of the galactic population lived in slavery to support the Inner Circle, those planets closest to galactic center that still benefit. Everyone else lives to support them.

The Resistance fights to help the enslaved but when most of their leadership and their general is captured they need someone to help them. Zakon Parabus, once one of them, but now conditioned not to remember, is their only hope. The only one they know isn't compromised..

Can they break his conditioning and get him to help?

Can they find the Penalty prison and rescue the general before everything they've fought for falls apart?

And if they find the prison will they be able to find the general? Nobody knows who he really is. All they now for sure is his code name. Captain Terriyan.

But most of all, if Zak does find the prison and the general, will they be able to escape?


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