Thursday, December 18, 2014

Peggy Pencil Meets Five Angels: A Fable For Our Times
Do you want your child to live a happy, purposeful life? This tale will plant the fruitful seeds that best life to live is one that is helpful to others. It's a story that can be read again and again to your children.

Peggy Pencil ascends to the Gates of Heaven. She feels all worn-out and used up. She is met by St. Peter Pencil. He tells Peggy that she will be given a tour of the highlights of her life by five angels. If Peggy’s life has been purposeful and helpful to others, she will be allowed to stay in Heaven forever. If not, she will be sent to the “Other Place.” Peggy Pencil suddenly feels unworthy of Heaven. She reluctantly agrees to go on the tour with one angel at a time.
Will Peggy be able to stay in Heaven forever? Will Peggy get an answer to the only question she seems to truly care about—“How did that young man I was with last on Earth do on his important test?” Please read on to find out about Peggy’s final destiny.
This is a modern day fable you may want to share again and again with your children or at church school about a pencil who empowers everyday writers to reach their dreams.

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