Monday, December 1, 2014

Paranormal Romance

Paranormal Romance: Elise And The English Man's Ghost (Mystery Romance, Paranormal Romance, BBW Romance, Historical Romance)
Elise Manfred is much looking forward to visiting Romania, together with her college friends. They have also chosen a specific destination for it: Bran Castle, located in Brasov city. They plan on visiting the birthplace of the most renowned legend: the legend of count Dracula. As they book the tickets, they pack their bags and are on their way to Romania.

Nobody knows or suspects the upcoming adventure they`ll face once they get there and Elise is yet to live the experience of her life. It all starts in the first night, after getting there. What is that strange noise Elise is hearing? Why does it seems to her that there`s somebody else with her, in her room, after she switched off the light? Whose crying voice is she hearing?

Eventually, she manages to fall asleep but with her heart racing. The next day she meets up her friends and to her own surprise, Elise discovers that all she heard in the night before was heard by her colleagues, too! So, it wasn`t only in her imagination! It happened for real!

They carry on with their day, visiting the surroundings, taking pictures, buying souvenirs and so on, until night time. After having dinner, Elise returns to her room and tries to get some sleep as she is tired. She barely closes her eyes and that noise is heard again! Elise is really afraid now, and she covers her face with the blanket! Her heart beat goes crazy, her mind is creating all kinds of scenarios! Are those steps she`s hearing on the carpet? Is that a person`s breath she`s sensing approaching her bed? Eventually, those steps are going away but Elise hears another noise – just as when somebody takes a seat on the couch. Elise takes a quick peak from under the blanket but what she sees widens her eyes: a ghost. The ghost of a English man, on his name, Hugh Portman.

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