Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A mystery tale of small town magic.

It's the year 1985, the summer of "New Coke" and the Live-Aid concert. A quiet Indiana town has fallen into turmoil with the sudden failure of their local landmark- a mystical wish granting machine dating back to the 30's. Newly elected Sheriff Jimmy Picnic must calmed the local nerves, while trying to handle a slick California con man who's recently arrived, insisting that only he can fixed the novelty... but for a price. Can the Sheriff manage this? Especially, while solving the first murder of his career, that of a visiting historian searching for the lost treasure of Napoleon. Sherry Jimmy must overcome the revived crush of his high school dream girl, the destructive forces of mother nature, and a very dangerous foreigner who will stop at nothing to retrieve a sacred object that is too unbelievable to conceive.
Novelty is comedy of a mystery, wrapped in mythology, with a flair for the nostalgia of the MTV generation.


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