Friday, December 19, 2014

Memory Blood
Memory Blood is the latest critically acclaimed novel from Reyskaw, author of The Library Series.

In a sea of Corrupted worlds, the Travelers find themselves journeying endlessly from one world to another. When Mara Stone and Dustin King meet, they begin an adventure into a future of unlimited possibilities. Through the trials of various worlds, new spirits will be forged. Memory Blood is the first book in a series that focuses on the worlds and people forever changed by the Corruption.

The Corruption itself manifests differently in each world. Sometimes it's a small change and sometimes it affects every single resident of that world. Occasionally, the Corruption also gives birth to Travelers: people forced to Travel from world to world. These Travelers live a chaotic lifestyle never knowing what kind of world they'll end up in or what their future holds. Memory Blood is their story as well and examines the consequences of what has been done to them.

Memory Blood is both an epic tale and a character drama. The grand plot unfolds slowly over each novel while each book consists of multiple stories about the characters of these worlds. The first release contains five stories centered around the journey of Mara and Dustin.


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