Sunday, December 7, 2014

LOW CARB: Healthful Menu to Stay Energized during Low Carb Diet


Carbohydrate Is Not Only A Big Source Of Energy

Carbohydrate is popular for its being the main source of energy needed by our body. It is one of the six most necessary nutritions for human. Within our body, it plays a role as a fuel, like a gas in a car. When playing the role, the carbohydrate turns into glucose.
Carbohydrate is not only a big source of energy. It also provides a bank of energy in the form of fat under the skin tissues, gives sated feeling, and so forth. That is why you may feel powerless when you do not take enough carb foods.
Since it provides big source of energy, a lack of carbohydrate may result in some serious diseases, such as maramus ad hypoglycemia. However, too much carbohydrate intake is neither suggested. That can be dangerous, too. Consuming too much carbohydrate will disturb the metabolism process. As a result, the body will get obese. In addition, it may cause heart attack and diabetes.
People have blamed “fat” all this time for heart attack. Meanwhile, fat is not the only one to blame. Excessive consumption of carbohydrate can also be the cause. A study conducted by some experts in Washington, United State of America reported that excessive carbohydrate in the body increases the sugar content in the blood. It will in turn make the higher risk of heart attack.
Besides, over consuming carbohydrate can also trigger the occurrence of mellitus diabetes. It is indicated by frequent urinating, persistent thirst, excessive hunger, bitter taste bud, and so on.
A low carb diet is then important to do by those who have higher risk of heart attack and mellitus diabetes, as well as those who have been suffering from the both.
Low carb diet, also commonly known as low energy diet, is a diet the energy content of which is below the normal needs. The diet contains enough vitamin and mineral as well as fiber which are advantageous for losing weight. This diet restricts ones from consuming foods containing solid energy, for instance cakes and fried stuffs.
Prior to your getting started with a low carb diet, you need to know first what stuffs are suggested to consume to get your diet run smoothly and safely.

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