Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to get the Best out of your Staff

• A well developed and efficiently trained employee force giving high end performance.
• Happy and motivated employee force due to constant coaching and development.
• A manager with an industry wide reputation for developing employees, which will be an asset for the company.
A good employee coach and developer is a rare feature in the industry, and any organization which can boast a list of senior management professionals who are recognized experts in the field, enjoys a unique position.
It is therefore vital for every new manager and supervisor to hone their skills, so that they are better able to perform their responsibilities as a coach to their subordinates.
Development of coaching skills in managers is the tool for effective employee coaching, and this book will highlight the key skills and qualities that a supervisor needs to adopt to become a successful coach.
The book will discuss the skills which are vital for managerial success, and help supervisors master the qualities which are essential for the management of employees. Different coaching situations faced by managers will be discussed along with the variety of approaches which are adopted by supervisors to manage employees.
This book will also educate and instruct new managers how to develop certain important coaching habits to remember and hone their abilities to perform as outstanding managers and coaches within an organization. 


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