Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Homeless Heart: I'll always go where you go.

How many times do we get another chance in life to be whatever we want to be? People do the best they can, but sometimes life still throws them for a loop, and they end up living day to day, place to place. Jennine and Clint show us just how very much more there can be to what we know as "living".

Jennine and Clint are made for each other, even though they seem to have only met so late in life. But life as we know it is a tricky thing, and things don't always pan out the way they seem. Sometimes the best thing that could possibly happen to people is not the thing you would dare imagine. In fact, it might seem like the worst, most horrible thing. But all things serve a higher purpose, and in this book we are shown just how that could happen.

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