Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gypsy Hunted: (A Gypsy Shields Novel - Book 1)

Amazon Top 100 Best seller (Psychic Suspense)

from best selling author Andrea Drew (non-fiction) making her suspense/fiction debut!

Reluctant psychic Gypsy Shields (she prefers the term "intuition consultant") finds herself in trouble when, on her way home from a blind date, she interrupts a kidnapping in progress. Her heroic attempt to intervene is repaid with a collision between the attacker's van and a brick wall. She awakens in hospital, paralyzed on her left side and unable to speak. Unable to share vital information about the crime she witnessed. Fortunately, her telepathic connection with her niece helps her throw a line out, attracting the attention of a police detective: Connor Reardon, Gypsy's date the night of the attack.


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