Thursday, December 11, 2014

Evernote Guide: Simple Guide to Mastering Evernote [Kindle Edition] BY Jhonny F
Evernote is the revolutionary application that has been designed to completely organise your life for you! It allows you to store all of your documents in one place that can be accessed anywhere using your mobile devices.

The cross-platform app covers all of your note taking needs; from recording the minutes of a meeting to co-ordinating an entire project with your whole office. Everything about Evernote is specifically there to make your life easier. Not only will it ensure that you never miss a deadline again, but it will also free up your office space by allowing you to store everything electronically.

This Evernote guide will show you that it can actually be beneficial for absolutely everyone – it isn’t just for business users. So whether you are trying to sort out your homework, or run a charity event, this book provides all the information that is needed and it will explain everything to you in an easy to understand manner. It will make Evernote for beginners a fun and accessible app.


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