Thursday, December 18, 2014

Covered in Delco
Did you ever wonder how you ended up where you are?

It’s strange how different choices you make – even the simple ones – can take you on a path that eventually becomes your life.
Covered in Delco is about a group of high school seniors that have been friends since grade school. These guys are from a suburb that has a personality that sets it apart as it sits somewhere between the city of Philadelphia, the upper crest of the Main Line and the state of Delaware. The incomes vary dramatically with some of the most affluent to the not-so-affluent and everything in between. This area is formally known as Delaware County, PA. It is more commonly referred to as “Delco.”
This group of friends are still kids, but in the eyes of the law they are fast approaching adulthood. They are beginning to find out that their actions have greater consequences than having to answer to the principal or their parents. They are also learning that their decisions – even the ones they don’t realize they’ve made – cause them to go down roads they’re not so sure they’re ready to go down until it’s too late.


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