Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Conflict Silver

When Shelly Foreman opens an upscale boutique above an old abandoned silver mine, it’s the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. She’s a talented still-life visual Artiste who’s quickly forging a name for herself in South Chicago. But as exciting as the venture might be, Shelly harbors an ache inside that no amount of creative success can soothe. For a decade now her father has been missing, and even though he was far from the perfect parent, Shelly feels grief-stricken and all alone in the world.

After pulling up stakes in Baltimore and moving to Chicago on a whim to find him, Shelly still has mixed feelings about reuniting with her no-account father. She searches tirelessly for him on the mean unforgiving streets of the inner city. A run of heartbreaking incidents turns their bittersweet reunion into a free-for-all, and Shelly and her father are left with a strained relationship, unresolved feelings and a lot of unanswered questions.

Then all hell breaks loose. Crazy scary sightings and mysterious transactions take place in the creepy 18th Century dress shop across the street from her store, and a local den of thieves begins to torment the small group of unsuspecting business owners in the run-down community. If only Shelly had the love and support of her estranged father, a private detective and all-around tough guy, she might feel safe once more.


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