Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Companion Planting Guide

If you're looking at a way to get the most out of your garden naturally, without the need for chemicals like fertilizers, then Companion Planting might be right for you!

Not only is Companion Planting an age old method that was started many hundreds of years ago, but it is quickly catching on with gardeners all around the world as a great way to grow plants that will harmoniously benefit one another. By reading this book, you will learn tips for how to maximize your garden space, protect your soil, reduce the risk of plant bacteria or viruses from damaging your garden, and enrich your garden with less work!

Here are just some of the things you'll discover within this book:

- 4 Key Reasons Why You Should Give Companion Planting a Go
- The Ideal Place to Setup Your Garden for Optimum Success
- How Much Organic Matter You'll Need to Get Your Soil Just Right
- How You Can Best Grow Your Garden If Space Is Limited
- The 4 Main Methods of Companion Planting You Can Try Today
- The "Ally" Plants That Go Well Together & The "Enemies" That You Should Keep Them Away From
- Which Plants Are Best for Keeping Pests Away from Destroying Your Crops
& more!

It's currently at an introductory price of just .99c, so be sure to grab yourself a copy before this special offer ends.


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