Monday, December 1, 2014

Ahriman: The Spirit of Destruction 

Espionage. Assassins. Middle East. 
When the CIA intercepts intelligence on a terrorist attack in Kuwait, Petra Shirazi, a former field agent, comes face to face with the Ahriman, one of Iran's deadliest assassins. 

It was the year when global economies continued to plummet despite analysts' predictions of a turnaround.

It was the year when the Kuwaiti National Assembly consisted of the largest Islamic contingent in more than two decades.

It was the month when the price of oil plunged to twenty dollars a barrel.

It was the month when the Emir of Kuwait dissolved the National Assembly for the thirteenth time in fifteen years.

It was the day when the head of the Islamic majority of the Assembly hired an assassin and the CIA intercepted intelligence about a new wave of terrorist attacks.

It was the day that would change the face of the Middle East forever..........

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