Wednesday, December 3, 2014

152 Jokes for Old School: Funny, dirty, clean jokes for young and old. 
This is a part II of the joke series. Every joke in this joke book was written down almost 30 years ago. Most of them came from my Grandpa‘s mouth . I hope you will find something to laugh from or at in this book. Some of the jokes might turn out corny, but on the other hand, what to expect from a 30 year old joke. Not to discourage you – many of the 152 jokes still keep up with the modern day comedy and hard to believe – many of them you haven‘t heard before. The topics of the jokes‘ are very vast. You will find jokes about animals, children, teachers, Soviet Russia, husbands and wives, drunk people and many more situations to laugh from. „152 jokes for Old School“ has some quite dirty jokes, therefore it is not recommended for people below sixteen years old.

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