Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kiss Him Goodbye: Walk away for the right reasons and thrive! 
Are you hurting? Confused? Are you wavering back and forth as to whether to hang on to this less-than-optimal relationship? Or are you struggling with an on-and-off relationship in the hope of turning it off once and for all? Or perhaps you anticipate your partner initiating a breakup in the near future and you are desperately trying to prevent that from happening.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are currently at in a relationship; this book can help you feel better. This book teaches easy-to-do exercises that help you determine the next step to take for your highest good. Sometimes breaking up is not the best solution. If breaking up is inevitable, it guides you through the process and explains the do’s and don’ts and the what if’s. Following that, the ten valuable techniques for thriving can be applied in any order and to any degree that is comfortable, requiring only minutes at a time.

Though this book is intended to empower women in relationships, the techniques can be applied by anyone who is struggling in any situation. It is culminated from the author’s years of personal experience in relationships as well as her training in hypnotism and the application of neurolinguistic programming in helping herself as well as others. This is a book about love—loving yourself, loving others, and how you can use your wisdom and kindness to build strength and success in all aspects of your life.

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