Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jake's Weird Ear: Book 1 of 2
Jake is now tall enough, and old enough to shoot rifles at the funfair, without his mum having to watch over him. All he wanted was to win a few prizes against his crack shot mate, Joe.
It all goes horribly wrong when Joe is delayed, and Jake gets pulled into doing something else.
So what happened – was it a coincidence, an accident or an experiment, or a mix of all of these?
Jake finds himself somewhere he has never been to before. Even his mobile phone doesn't recognise the network selections: MORMIS, KNOLLINE, and GREENSTONE!

Then he hears about the sinister Grimwatchers and is fearful. Why do they want him? How can he get home?

Join Jake on his adventures in an imaginative tale of a quest for technology and change.

Superbly illustrated and ideal for the 9-12 age group and even older kids, who pass themselves off as adults!

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